SWA801 series drying machine:

  1. Clothes drying machine, Leather drying machine, Drying machine, Industrial drying machine, Gas drying machine, tumble drying machine. Commercial drying machine, Automatic drying machine, Laundry drying machine, Steam drying machine, Textile drying machine, SS drying machine. Marine drying machine.
  2. Vertical structure.
  3. Stainless steel drum and frame made of high quality plate.
  4. Automatic drying machine, Steam or electrical heated type. It is easy to operate by means of programmable micro-computer and LED display. Heating temperature and time can be automatically controlled and can be set by your need.
  5. Tumble dryer is perfect machine for laundry shops, hospitals and hotels, and this machine will work together with washer extractor or industrial washing machine. Big-sized door is adopted for convenient fabric feeding and taking as well as transparent toughened glass is equipped for convenient view of fabric drying condition. High-power heater is adopted to ensure safe and effective drying effect.
  6. Self-cleaning lint filter is equipped to avoid lint jam.
  7. High efficiency, low consumption, low noise and safety, and used widely in the field, such as hotel, restaurant, laundry house, water washing plant, and laundry equipment for garment, fabric, apparel Drying washed & extracted fabric such as cotton, wool, hemp, silk, chemical fiber, etc; It is suitable for hotels, hospitals, organizations, laundries etc.
  8. Its capacity is from 15kg to 50kg.
  9. CE and ISO9001 certificates.


Industrial small to medium tumble dryer machine capacity for hotels and all kinds of laundries bussiness.

Standard equipped with many features, such as Periodic drying, anti-wrinkle and temperature traceability, made to order with the possibility to customize it with several options, this new generation of freestanding dryers is designed to meet the needs of all types of laundry: commercial and industrial. New more compact 15, 30 and 50 kg models (LD80115-LD80130-LD80150)

What are the main features of this series of machines for hotel and laundries?