FI II2500 – FI II2800 – FI II3000


Double Rollers, 2,5 – 3.5m Flatwork Ironer,Bed Sheet Ironing Machine For use in hotel, hospital and laundry plant for iroing bed sheets and covers, table clothes..

  1. Stainless steel drum and frame made of high quality plate.
  2. Steam or electrical heating for options.
  3. Full-automatic Ironing, flatwork type.
  4. High efficiency, low consumption, low noise and safety, and used widely in the field, such as hotel, restaurant, laundry house, water washing plant, and laundry equipment for bed sheets, covers and table clothes.
  5. Working width from 2.8m to 3.0m
  6. CE and ISO9001 certificates.


Double Rollers Industrial flatwork ironer machine for hotels and hospital of laundries business.

Standard equipped with many features, such as Periodic drying, anti-wrinkle and temperature traceability, made to order with the possibility to customize it with several options, this new generation of freestanding dryers is designed to meet the needs of all types of laundry: commercial and industrial. New more compact 2500, 2800 and 3000 mm models (FI II2500 – FI II2800 – FI II3000)

What are the main features of this series of machines for hotel and laundries?

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